Cybersafe Threats – 4th July

Cyber Criminal activity in the week leading up to the 4th July

Each week, will be updating you on the latest cyber attacks and cyber criminal activity threatening the private and sensitive data of businesses all over the UK and the world as part of our Cybersafe Threats Weekly Update. As technology evolves, so do cyber criminals and their methods of attack. If your company does not have a Managed Cyber Security framework in place like Cybersafe, it runs a serious risk of cyber attackers infiltrating its network and data. The results could devastate your business if your data falls into the wrong hands.

Whether it be paying a ransom which could cost you a fortune, losing all your data and not being able to recover it, a fine due to GDPR breaches, or reputational damage, all of these effects could have a severe impact on how your business will be able to move forwards. 

Cybersafe Threats Weekly Update 4th July 2024  – Below, we update business leaders on what you and your employees need to look out for when assessing cyber threats to their data. This is all within our aim of making your business Cybersafe.

Here are the most prominent cyber threats to businesses which you should be aware of:

Intel processors threatened by new CPU side channel attack

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have discovered a new vulnerability in modern Intel processors, named “Indirector,” which exploits weaknesses in two key CPU components: the Indirect Branch Predictor (IBP) and the Branch Target Buffer (BTB). This cyber criminal activity allows attackers to steal sensitive information by predicting and manipulating the processor’s behavior. The attack can target Intel’s 12th and 13th generation Core processors and disrupt security measures like Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR).

Mitigating this threat involves using more aggressive Indirect Branch Predictor Barrier (IBPB) techniques and improving Branch Prediction Unit (BPU) designs, though these solutions may significantly impact performance. Intel has been informed and is working with hardware and software vendors to address the issue.

This vulnerability underscores the critical need for robust cyber security in businesses to protect against sophisticated cyber criminal activity. Without comprehensive security measures, companies risk significant data breaches and operational disruptions, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of emerging threats.

Cobalt Strike servers disrupted in major cybercrime operation

Law enforcement agencies worldwide, led by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), have disrupted nearly 600 servers used by cybercriminals in “Operation MORPHEUS,” targeting unlicensed versions of Cobalt Strike. This legitimate penetration testing tool, intended for ethical hacking to identify system vulnerabilities, has been misused by cybercriminals for remote access and data theft through phishing schemes.

Since the mid-2010s, cracked versions of Cobalt Strike have become a preferred tool for deploying ransomware swiftly and at scale. The operation, initiated in 2021, involved extensive collaboration with private sector companies and law enforcement from various countries. Over 730 pieces of threat intelligence and nearly 1.2 million indicators of compromise (IOCs) were shared, leading to the takedown of 593 malicious IP addresses.

Operation Morpheus highlights the critical need for robust cyber security in businesses to combat sophisticated cyber criminal activity. Tools like Cobalt Strike, when misused, lower the barrier for cybercrime, allowing even those with little technical expertise to launch damaging attacks. This operation emphasizes the importance of continuous vigilance and collaboration to protect against such threats.

Cyber Criminal activity halts supply chain

Hackers have attacked CDK Global, a major software provider for car dealerships, causing significant disruption across the US auto industry. The attack on June 19 led to system outages, affecting thousands of dealerships and major retailers like Sonic Automotive and Penske Automotive. CDK Global is working with cyber security experts and law enforcement to restore services, which may take several days.

This incident highlights vulnerabilities in the supply chain and the critical need for stronger cyber security measures. The breach underscores the importance of having effective business continuity plans and investing in advanced security protocols to protect against sophisticated threats. The widespread impact of this attack demonstrates the necessity for vigilant cyber security practices to safeguard operations and maintain customer trust.

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