Cyber Essentials – The benefits of Certification

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed Security Framework developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It assists businesses to adopting simple steps to securing their information security (IT). It was launched in 2014 By the Centre NCSC and the UK Government.

Cyber Essentials Certification - Stay CyberSafe with Neuways

Neuways approach for helping you achieve Cyber Essentials

Neuways is here to help you on your journey to achieving Cyber Essentials. We have experts happy to help and advise you throughout this journey.

We will help you understand what elements of your network are within the scope of the assessment. Knowing what devices are on your network is key to protecting them. Once we know your devices, we can align them to Cyber Essentials.

Neuways can assist you with the questionnaire by reviewing separate sections to see if the necessary controls are being met. We can assist with the implementation of essential policies and procedures. These policies must be adopted and implemented as they are there to protect your business.

After submitting the questionnaire, it is triaged before the final submission. If there are some changes required, this is brought to light. We can then work together to prepare these corrections for the final submission.

Neuways offers customers three options for Cyber Essentials Certification:

Neuways offers customers three options for Cyber Essentials Certification:

Access to secure
assessment portal for
Cyber Essentials report
and certification
CyberSmart App
Free Cyber Liability
Remote support
throughout your
journey to certification
Prefilled & guided
Fully managed solution

*When a UK-domiciled organisation with a turnover under £20m. The cover is underwritten by AXA XL.

Steps to getting Cyber Essentials Certified

Before embarking upon the Cyber Essentials journey, it is important to understand what is required of your organisation to gain and sustain Cyber Essentials Certification:
Step 1

Understand what networks and devices will fall in scope of Cyber Essentials – this includes remote offices, serviced offices, home workers, your main business headquarters. Devices include Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Thin Clients and mobile phones (if used for company data).
Review your IT Security Policies and Procedures to see if they currently meet the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Controls. You may need to change how certain things are done or managed to meet Cyber Essentials requirements, which should be reflected in your IT Security Policies and Procedures. Example of policies includes Password Policy or Administrator Access Policy.
Complete and submit the Cyber Essentials Questionnaire. You will receive notification if the questionnaire needs some adjustments and if any alterations need to be implemented. You can then provide the required information and implement the required changes. Then resubmit the questionnaire.
Once you are Cyber Essentials Certified, the work continues. Your organisation must make sure all controls, policies and procedures put in place are adhered to. Review your Cyber Essentials Dashboard to check the status and ensure devices under the assessment scope continue to be compliant. Review your policies regularly to ensure they still meet your and Cyber Essentials’ requirements.
Cyber Essentials Certification is an annual commitment and will need to be renewed. As new threats emerge, additional controls may be added to Cyber Essentials requirements. Be aware of any other changes and implement the necessary controls and procedures to meet these requirements before submitting the newly released questionnaire.
Are you looking to further your cyber security approach even more? Why not consider Cyber Essentials+. This certification takes all that you have put in place for Cyber Essentials to the test. An independent auditor will assess if the steps have been implemented to ensure your organisation is secure.

Download our CyberSafe Brochure

If you follow this guidance and work with us, you can pass the certification promptly and hassle-free. For more information, download our booklet, which has all the information you need before embarking on your Cyber Essentials journey.

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