Cybersafe Threats – 6th June

Cybersafe 6 June

Each week, will be updating you on the latest cyber attacks threatening the private and sensitive data of businesses all over the UK and the world. As technology evolves, so do cyber criminals and their methods of attack. If your company does not have the right cyber security processes in place, it runs a serious risk of cyber attackers infiltrating its network and data. The results could devastate your business if your data falls into the wrong hands. Whether it be paying a ransom which could cost you a fortune, losing all your data and not being able to recover it, a fine due to GDPR breaches, or reputational damage, all of these effects could have a severe impact on how (and if) your business will be able to move forwards. 

6th June 2024 – Below, we update business leaders on what you and your employees need to look out for when assessing cyber threats to their data. This is all within our aim of making your business Cybersafe.

Here are the most prominent cyber threats to businesses which you should be aware of:

Aftermath of a Cyber Attack: Santander Bank Hacked and Data Now Up For Sale

The recent Santander Bank crisis underscores businesses’ critical need for robust cybersecurity. Just two weeks after a reported data breach, the hacking group ShinyHunters claimed possession of sensitive data from millions of Santander customers and staff, advertising it for $2 million (£1,564,366.60). This data reportedly includes:

  • Bank account details of 30 million customers
  • Credit card numbers for 28 million individuals
  • Account numbers and balances for 6 million accounts
  • Employee HR information

Santander has not confirmed the claims but previously acknowledged unauthorised access to data in Chile, Spain, and Uruguay. They stressed that no online banking credentials were compromised and operations remain secure. The bank is working with regulators and law enforcement.

ShinyHunters has a history of high-profile data breaches, including AT&T and Ticketmaster.

A cybersecurity firm linked the Santander breach to an attack on Snowflake, a cloud storage company serving significant corporations. A compromised Snowflake employee account reportedly allowed hackers to access data from multiple customers.

Snowflake denied systemic vulnerabilities, attributing breaches to poor customer security practices. Investigations suggest stolen credentials, obtained via malware, were used to access Snowflake’s platform. The company is addressing a surge in attacks and has confirmed some accounts were compromised.

This incident highlights the imperative for businesses to implement stringent cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and maintain customer trust.

The Real Reason Behind the London Hospitals Cyber Attack

A cyber attack on Synnovis, a pathology services provider, has led major London hospitals to declare a critical incident, affecting hospitals like King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ (including the Royal Brompton and the Evelina London Children’s Hospital), and primary care services.

The aftermath of the cyber attack, which occurred on Monday, has significantly impacted services, particularly blood transfusions and test results, causing some procedures to be cancelled or redirected.

Emergency care remains available, but GP services in several boroughs are also affected. Synnovis has deployed IT experts to assess the damage, and the NHS is collaborating with the National Cyber Security Centre.

The attack, confirmed as ransomware, highlights the need for robust cybersecurity. Synnovis and the NHS have apologised for the disruption, stressing their efforts to minimise the impact. Cybersecurity experts emphasise the importance of contingency plans in the aftermath of a cyber attack, regular staff training like Phishing Awareness Training, and investment in software resilience to protect critical institutions like hospitals from such attacks. It has never been more important for your business to be Cybersafe.

The government is supporting efforts to mitigate the effects and ensure patient safety.

Christie’s confirms breach after RansomHub threatens to leak data

A massive data breach has exposed the personal information of 560 million Ticketmaster customers. The hacker group ShinyHunters has claimed responsibility and is selling the 1.3 TB of data for $500,000 (£391,154.91)on a hacking forum. This data includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, ticket purchase details, and partial payment data.

Australia’s Home Affairs Department has confirmed the cyber incident, while Ticketmaster has not responded officially. vx-underground supports the data’s authenticity, but the hacker’s identity remains unclear. ShinyHunters is a proxy for the actual threat group behind the breach.

The breach exacerbates Ticketmaster’s current troubles, including an antitrust lawsuit from the US Department of Justice. Security expert Raghu Nandakumara emphasised the importance of a containment strategy over a traditional ‘find and fix’ approach to mitigate such breaches.

Customers affected by this breach are at an increased risk of phishing attacks, identity theft, and other malicious activities. This incident adds to Ticketmaster’s history of security issues, including previous lawsuits and fines for data breaches and failure to protect against bot attacks.

Prevent Cyber Attacks on Business – Be Cybersafe

Contact for help on how we can help prevent cyber attacks on businesses from cyber criminals and how to become Cybersafe. Whether you have sensitive data or confidential information within your business, you are always likely to be a target for cyber criminals. We also have a podcast where you can stay up-to-date with the latest cyber security measures that will help your company fight against these threats.

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